Body Jewellery

I was actually discussing this with a friend and thought it would be an interesting topic to share with you. I don’t know if you have noticed, but lately, there are no limits to where jewellery can be worn (ofcourse I am referring to parts of the body that would normally be visible in public, but then again this would vary from person to person).

Anyway, moving on swiftly, we have seen several types of body jewellery evolve such as shoulder harnesses, body chain harnesses, leg chain jewellery, hair chain jewellery, you name it! I believe we are becoming more adventurous in how we adorn ourselves, which is definitely a positive move in the direction of fashion, and this will greatly increase the scope of creative design.

Here, I am going to outline some of the items I have come across, but please feel free to comment and let me know if there is some form of new body jewellery that I might have missed! 🙂

Shoulder Harness:

These, as the name says, are worn on the shoulder. Some are designed such that they can be worn on just one shoulder, others can be worn on both shoulders and are inter-linked by a chain. We spotted some in topshop and they range from £25 – £30.


Arm Chain Cuffs:

These are worn on the arm and would look beautiful with a nice summer dress as in the picture below. Last we checked, they were available at Topshop, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge in the range of £15 – £20.


Body Chain Harnesses:

These body chain harnesses are absolutely gorgeous and a real statement piece. There are several designs, some are more delicate and can feature crosses, triangles etc. Others are bolder such as the harness below. These can be found in topshop in the range of £25 to £30.


Drape Chain Arm Cuff:

These connect the arm to the cuff by a series of chains and make a statement piece as well. They would make a perfect fashion fix for a cute pair of denim shorts and a casual crop top. These can be found in Topshop for £25.

Bracelet Cuff:

Several sizes are featured in bracelet cuffs and they come in various colours and designs. Some are plain gold/silver while others can have designer detail embedded in the cuffs. These look fantastic in any season. These can be found in several high street shops and prices vary.


Ear Cuff:

We LOVE the ear cuff trend that has surfaced. Not only do they have an air of playfulness around them, but they can also instantly add some style to your outfit. Ear cuffs can be for pierced ears but several ‘wrap around’ ear cuff styles are also available. These can be found at ASOS and we also have a couple of our own gothic style and feather ear cuffs available at


Leg Chain:

We have to admit that these are quite sexy when worn with a pair of denim shorts. They have an elastic band at the top of the chain to secure it onto the thigh. It is an unconventional piece of jewellery but still looks very cute. We have our very own leg chain jewellery which is available in our store at


Ankle Cuffs:

So we thought cuffs could only be worn on arms and wrists.. well, we were wrong. Apparently, you can also work your ankles by wearing these beauties. Celebrities have been spotted wearing these too and if you can pull them off, good for you! These can be found in ASOS.

Hair Chain Jewellery:

We are officially in love with hair chain jewellery. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie have been seen wearing these and they look absolutely gorgeous wearing them. We have several styles in store at

Collar Tips:

These are cute jewellery pieces that can be attached to the collar tips to dress up your shirt. Some collar tips are connected via a chain and can be used in place of a necklace. These can be found on ASOS for about £10 or Ebay (they should be much cheaper here).

So far these are all the new unconventional jewellery items I’ve come across. It would be great to hear your comments on these items. Thanks for reading! 🙂 xx

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