Gothic Knuckle Armour Horse Saddle Rings

Knuckle Rings, also known as gothic rings, horse saddleback rings, caged rings, hinged rings, full finger rings, armour/armor rings are large rings that derived their inspiration from knuckle dusters.

Knuckle Rings are the latest fad in the fashion world with several celebrities wearing them. They come in various shapes and sizes and we are thrilled by the immense variety of designs we have come across!

Beyonce Knowles
Jessie J
Kate Perry
Kim Kardashian
Mary Kate Olsen
Miley Cyrus
Paris Hilton

Like what you see? Knuckle rings can be found in several high street stores. You can also buy them from our store: Buy Knuckle Rings

DSCF2874  DSCF2048
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