Carnival Timeee!

So who’s looking forward to the Notting Hill carnival??? We know we are!! Can’t wait to see all the beautiful colours and costumes, and fingers crossed, we hope it will be a sunny weekend.

For those of you who are wondering what the Notting Hill Carnival is, it is the largest street festival celebration in Europe and features music, dance, food from all over the world, and best of all, costume parades. For more information about the Notting Hill Carnival, please visit this link

To get into the spirit of the festival, we have put together a list of 10 fashion fixes. Let us know what you think!

1) Headdress

These are beautiful headpieces that are made of feathers and will definitely get you into the mood of the carnival.

2) Sunglasses

Need we stress the importance of protecting your eyes in the sun? How about adding a bit of fun to your outfit by wearing funky heart sunglasses?

3) Sneakers

The carnival is a huge street party, and by huge we mean mega huge. There will be lots of walking and standing, so make sure you wear comfy sneakers to make the most of the day.

4) Nails

Oh yes! We LOVE our nails, and with all the beautiful designs out there, there is no reason not to include your nails in the action. Beautiful bright colours should do the trick!

5) Body Harness

Add a bit of unconventional jewellery to your outfit by experimenting with a gorgeous body chain harness.

6) Sun Hats

If the sun is shining ( with the UK weather, we can just never know), it would be a good idea to be well prepared. Wear a beautiful sun hat to keep the sun out of your face and prevent any squinting that could lead to wrinkles under eyes.

7) Masks

Oh yes! Wear a beautiful mask and get involved in the carnival! It will also make for a great facebook profile picture 😉

8) Shorts

How about looking hot in a pair of festival fashion shorts. These will definitely go well with your sneakers and you can show off your great legs! 🙂

9) Face Paint

Get together with your friends and have a pre-carnival party by face painting each others faces and snap away with your camera. It will be lots of fun, we promise!

10) Feather Earrings

You could wear a feather headdress, but if that is too overwhelming, how about a pair of beautiful feather earrings? They are still colourful and you can stay in your comfort zone.

Disclaimer: Please note that we do not own all the photos on this blog post. Where possible, the necessary credit due has been given by linking to the original photo. Thanks for reading.

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