Mayor’s Thames Festival

It is difficult to say, but we have finally approached the end of summer. It was possibly one of the best summers, with London hosting the Olympic and Paralympic games, the amazing photographic displays, exhibitions and ‘Big Dance’ events organised by the London 2012 Festival, not to forget the Notting Hill Carnival! To mark the end of this brilliant season and the beginning of Autumn, the Mayor’s Thames Festival was held last weekend making for an ecstatic finale.

Several activities were held across London, but we decided to head to a Brazilian Boat Party held on ‘HMS President’. There was a mouth-watering brazilian style barbeque on the boat with brazilian cocktails(yes!), and the performances, which included Capoeira, were simply mind-blowing.

Fashuun Village Blog

As we danced to the Samba, we could not help but notice the jewellery accessories that the meninas (girls) were wearing. We spotted several statement collar necklaces in gold and silver, with an egyptian style look. Some girls worked them with dresses whilst others with collar shirts and cardigans. Either way, we were very proud of the fashion statement these girls were making. πŸ™‚

One interesting thing we came aross was a wristband which apparently makes your wishes come true. When tying this wristband, three knots have to be made and with every knot, a wish has to be made. It is said that when one of the wishes comes true, one of the knots will come undone. Not that we are superstitious or anything, but we got our wristbands and we’ll let you know how things proceed on that front! πŸ™‚

At about 8:00pm, the streets came alive with a colourful carnival representing Brazil, Columbia, Equador, among others. This was such a beautiful sight with the carnival being held near the Thames in the night with all the bright lights.

Fashuun Village Blog High Fashion Statement Jewellery

Fashuun Village Blog

After dancing away to the carribean rhythms, a spectacular firework display filled the night skies. It was truly a night to remember and we can’t wait for the next Mayor’s Thames Festival!

Mayor's Thames Festival Fireworks

We would love to hear from you and let us know if you went to the Mayor’s Thames festival. Was there something fun we missed?? Let us know! πŸ™‚ xx

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