Neon Summer Love

As we write this article, we are right bang in the middle of British summer… And it is raining! Don’t we just love the weather here in UK? πŸ˜€ Nevertheless, it is still warm so we shall quit complaining and carry on our rambling about neons πŸ™‚

Bright neon colours were first spotted as a fashion trend in the 1980s where everything from clothes to accessories were worn in neon. And by everything, we mean the entire outfit was in various neon colours – there was no such thing as a fashion disaster!Β The 1980s were about discovering, venturing into new zones, being bold and creating one’s own unique fashion statement. Infact, the more colourful, the trendier one looked.

80s neon

As with most fashion trends, this neon trend returned to the runway last year in a more subtle, feminine way.

neon from runwayNeon1

These neon trends have also been spotted on celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Katrina Bowden, Solange Knowles, Kristen Stewart.

celebrity-style-j-lo-wears-yellow-neon-dress-with-a-twist-2 Neon-Blazer















Wearing neon definitely adds a pop of colour to one’s outfit which looks fabulous during summer, however, neons have to be worn in the right way to avoid fashion accidents.

1) For those who are brave enough, the most exciting way to wear neon would be to wear a neon dress. This would definitely turn heads and add that summer feel to your outfit. However, one has to be careful to dress everything else down including accessories and shoes so as not to detract from the beauty of the dress. Combining with black/gold/silver accessories would probably be the safest bet.











The maximum number of neon colours one should wear in one outfit are 2- 3 colours. Combining neon dresses with another neon accessory can also look quite nice.



























2) Another way to wear neon would be to team it up with pastel/neutral colours. One could wear neon shorts with a pastel/neutral coloured top, or a neon top with pastel/neutral shorts/skirt/jeans.

































3) The most classic way/favourite style of bloggers would be to combine neon with white/black hues. In this way, the neons stand out more.































4) Finally, for those who love the neon trend but would like a more subtle look, the best way would be to team up your outfit with neon accessories. These could be neon bags/jewellery/shoes or even neon scarves!

Photography by Jesse Maricic 1341584432-tumblr_m5lss2pmLc1qfbkwjo1_500

pic_1168_1344254802 1341937225-272819689896410572_aXflGOTx_c



























































Neon necklaces can usually be worn on maxi dresses, casual dresses, boob tubes, white/black collar shirts to give that pop of colour.

We have also just received some stunning neon necklaces in store which we would love to share with you!


Egyptian Summer Neon necklace

Bronze Gold Multi - Tier Neon Stone Necklace

Bronze Gold Multi – Tier Neon Stone Necklace

Silver Multi-Tier Neon Stone Necklace

Silver Multi-Tier Neon Stone Necklace

Summer Neon Flowers Necklace

Summer Neon Flowers Necklace

Hope you enjoyed reading our article and hopefully we have inspired you to try out some neon trends while summer lasts! Please do let us know your views and every comment means a lot to us, so please feel free to say something πŸ™‚ xx

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